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Balloon Team SA was established to involve and attract several passengers to make fantastic tourist flights and to develop and optimise the services linked to the world of marketing and communication. The visual impact of these wonderful balloons cannot leave the audience unmoved: seeing them suspended in a clear blue sky, it’s a feast for the eyes! Balloon Team SA offers a wide range of services for everybody and for any need. All flying activities are subject to weather conditions in order to provide maximum safety. The flights can be carried out all year round, provided that the safety criteria are satisfied.

Flying!!! Can you imagine something more beautiful than this?

With Balloon Team SA you can live a unique experience, the magic of a balloon ride... Treat yourself to an extraodinary adventure and gift it to someone... Let the wind transport you for an unforgettable emotion, for a day among the clouds. Together with the staff and the pilots you will participate directly in the operations to prepare the balloon and you will see it slowly filling up with hot air and coming off the ground. Flying on a balloon means touching the sky with your finger; suspended in the air, you can caress the treetops, fly over meadows and fields just a few centimetres above the ground and almost touch the water of lakes and rivers.

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